House Move

Household Goods Relocation


Moves over short distances. Typically within the same town or state, or between states. Pick-up and delivery usually on the same day.


Alpha Removals, a professional house moving assistance in Malaysia. We ensure you a hassle-free house moving experience. All our house mover are trained and experienced in the art of moving. ALPHA packing is state-of-the-art. ALPHA has developed a unique range of packing cartons to provide the best possible protection for all your possessions. Alpha Removals moving trucks and equipment have all been selected to do the jobs quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss and bother.


We simplify your move. Planning, back up and resources are what it takes to ensure a trouble-free move. Our experience, built-up with all the previous relocations, has taught us to always expect the unexpected. Meticulous planning minimises potential problems, extensive back up and resources take care of the rest.


1. Home survey by trained consultants. A visit to your home by one of our trained consultants allows an accurate assessment of your removal needs, based on:

  • what’s being moved
  • packing requirements
  • property access at both point of pick-up and delivery
  • special services required, such as cleaning
  • traveling time
  • your timing and other special needs such as special packing and worry of piano and safe.

We then provide you with a detailed, fixed-price written quotation.

2. Following your acceptance of our quotation, we confirm the day and date of your move. To assist you with the personal side of your move, we will guide you with the do’s and don’ts before your moving date. The day before your move, we will telephone you to confirm our arrival time on pick-up day.

3. Before you move:

  • leave clothing and linen in drawers, but don’t overload
  • do not leave breakables and valuables in drawers
  • prepare a simple plan of where you would like your furniture to be at your new home

We will treat your domestic relocation with the utmost respect and professionalism.