Office Move

Office And Commercial Moves


As a cost & time effective office moving company in Malaysia, we provide effective, reliable & affordable office moving service.The key to our growth has been our ability to focus on the individual needs of our customers. We strive to satisfy and often exceed our customer’s’ expectations. This has resulted in the unique Alpha Removals business culture. In major capital cities, each distinct removals service is delivered by individual branched out office movers dedicated to that specific service. This expertise is in turn used to support our network of regional interstate relocations. The result is our reputation for service and quality.


Alpha Removals provides a range of service benefits which extends far beyond ability to operate efficiently on moving day. For us, success doesn’t only mean moving you on time, within budget and protecting your property, it also means protecting your business from stress, strain and costly mistakes which can be associated with commercial relocations. When you choose Alpha Removals to manage your commercial move you get much more than industry best pricing and operational efficiency. We ensure your move will not compromise your productivity, impact on staff morale, or impair your organisation’s ability to service your customers.

We are totally committed to working closely with you and your people to effectively manage every step of the removal process and ensure that your move is a complete success. High level project management skills are required to manage the complex challenges posed by large-scale relocations offices, factories, retail premises, hospitals and medical centres, hotels and libraries and small moves also require similar levels of care and attention to detail. The Alpha Removals Plan is simple and easy to follow yet it provides a blueprint which guarantees a successful move, whatever the project size.

Experience And Project Management Expertise

The ALPHA Removals Plan

A highly experienced Alpha Removals Consultant meets with your key personnel to establish the broad parameters of the project. A comprehensive survey is then conducted which enables us to fully assess the project. Alpha Removals then supplies you with a report detailing:

  • Our recommendations for the most cost and time effective method for conducting the move
  • An accurate, detailed written quotation
  • On appointment we supply a detailed blueprint and timetable for the move.

Co-ordinating the move across your organisation

The Alpha Removals Plan makes it easy for the various groups of employees involved in the move to work simply and effectively to achieve a disciplined and successful end result. Our consultants will:

  • Brief your employees on all relevant aspects of the move and how to prepare for it
  • Brief on correct packing and labeling procedures as all files and documents will be packed by your own staff
  • Preparing a comprehensive zoning for easy positioning of your goods at your new office.
  • Providing advice on appropriate insurance coverage for your goods.
Specialized Services Provided By Alpha Removals
  • Preparation of sensitive equipment such as computers, photocopiers, medical and scientific equipment for transport, providing notifications as required to protect your interests under existing warranties and maintenance agreements
  • Removals and installation of safes, regardless of size, weight or accessibility
  • Specialize Skills of handling work of art.
  • Packing files and stationery, including sequential packing for compactus units and libraries
  • Dismantling and reassembly of metal shelving, compactus units, work stations, and oversized office furniture such as boardroom tables and wall units
The Added Dimension

Expert Supervision & Highly Trained, Professional Staff

All of our office movers are well-trained and experienced in office and commercial moves. Their distinctive uniforms are immediately recognizable as Alpha Removals employees. Skilled supervisors, operating on a supervisor-to crew ratio appropriate to the requirements of each job, are in attendance throughout your move to ensure that everything proceeds according to plan.

Biggest Network. Biggest Equipped Fleet

With partners across Malaysia and Singapore, a fleet ranging from small packing vans through to semi trailer road loaders, and a carefully selected network of affiliates, Alpha Removals can confidently handle any sized move anywhere in Malaysia and Singapore. Specialist equipment – including computer trolleys, purpose built packaging carton boxes and bubble bags, and hydraulic ramps which ensure that computers and ink containing printing equipment remain horizontal during loading – facilitate safe and speedy transport.

We use, as required, specialised equipment and services such as – cranes and hydraulic equipment which enable us to safely remove and reinstall the heaviest and most difficult to access safes, fork lift trucks, and security services.

International Relocation (Import & Export)

We understand how stressful it can be to move, but with our professionally trained movers supporting you all throughout your move, we can provide you with the best, stress-free move ever.

We will complete all of your paperwork and make sure that none of it will restrict you from moving. Our competitive moving rates for overseas shipments are competitive. We understand that you are trying to find a moving company that you can count on. Alpha Removals will take away any of your concerns and look after all of the gritty details for you.

Our professional movers will hand pack all of your belongings and guarantee their safety. We will also provide you with professional support during your move. You will be happy you chose Alpha Removals for your move.

Warehousing & Storage

When it comes to warehouse and storage services, Alpha Removals is the proven leader in options. We can handle all of your warehouse storage and distribution needs at rates you can afford. Whether you need to store items for a month or a year or even long term, we’ve got you covered with our secure, well-maintained storage facilities. Additionally, our warehouse is equipped with CCTV’s and Securities Patrol.